De Bruyne Positive COVID-19

Total SportekNovember 20, 2021

LONDON: Kevin De Bruyne will miss a crucial match with Manchester City after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Belgian international told his club after finishing his stint with the national team in Cardiff on Wednesday.

He will have to isolate himself until next weekend, meaning he will miss games against Everton and Paris Saint-Germain.

The match against West Ham on November 28 seemed too early for the key player although he should have been able to return to training by then.

De Bruyne is struggling to regain his best form in the new season after suffering several injuries throughout the summer.

Illness is another obstacle but Guardiola told the star about the impact he will face this season and asked to focus on getting back healthy.

He said: “Forget about fitness, momentum, he is found to be positive and needs to undergo rehabilitation, to be healthy. That’s the most important thing when someone is positive.

“He must be careful because many more are still suffering. He has been vaccinated, so he is better protected. The symptoms may be minor and I hope he will return as soon as possible.”