EPL Prevents ESL From Restarted

Total SportekMay 5, 2021

LONDON: The English Premier League (EPL) says they are planning something to avoid an attempt to host the European Super League (ESL) as police are investigating protests that led to the postponement of Manchester United’s match against Liverpool.

Supporters stormed Old Trafford and ran to the pitch yesterday in protest against United’s owners, the US -based Glazer family.

Greater Manchester police said six members were injured after protests turned violent when supporters threw flares, bottles and barricades at police.

The team said one of the officers suffered eye injuries, another in the face while another was dragged and kicked. A 28 -year -old man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident.

Anger over the Glazers erupted after United’s involvement in an ESL project that was shattered within 48 hours last month after anger was shown by supporters, players, the government and the parent body.

The EPL yesterday said they were “adamant” that “clubs are responsible for their decisions and what they do.”

They also announced new plans with all club owners having to sign rules allowing them to be “committed to the league’s basic principles” with clubs violating the rules to be punished with “strict” suspension.

“What happened two weeks ago challenged the fundamentals of England football,” the EPL said.

“This approach was created to block the threat of secession from the league in the future.”